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Duplex Colour Video Multiplexer

Drax, the product of several years of development, has several new innovative features, such as the status display that indicates the VCR timelapse rate (which will help to eliminate recording errors).

The Drax incorporates many new technical advances to make it easier to use and give problem free installations. The Drax will operate with a wide variety of different colour camera types, in any combination. Multiplexing colour cameras is difficult, especially at such a high speed. Drax excels at this. You can also mix black and white and colour cameras. To ease installation, the Drax automatically recognises black and white cameras and turns off colour processing on those inputs.

The Drax is effectively transparent to the video signal within the bandwidth if SVHS and VHS video recorders are used. This means picture detail is not lost by the multiplexer (the VCR will reduce it, of course). There are also YC connections to the VCR.

The Drax can be installed and left operational without even using the menu, providing the switching pulse connection to the VCR is made.

The update rate of the Drax in real time recording is 50 cameras per second. Twice as fast as our previous product and 4 times faster that most multiplexers. You can now achieve the recorded bandwidth and speed of a simple analogue multiplexer without having to genlock your system or use special cameras.

Drax also features:

DisplayTimelapse rate and status
Video Inputs10,17,34 + VCR input. 1.0 Vp-p video input connections - BNC + loop through, autoterminations
Video OutputsMonitor, spot monitor, 1.0 Vp-p BNC
YCIn and out to VCR and monitor
Text29 characters per camera. 60 character site name.
Alarm Inputs20 + disable. Spot monitor follows alarm
Alarm Outputs2 x SPCO relays on alarm and video loss
VCR Swipe Pulse1 M to ground
Power12-15V DC at 2 Amperes max. Power loss protection for clock and settings
Size17.4" x 14.8" x 1.75"
443 mm x 376 mm x 44.2 mm 1U
FixingRack Mounting or free standing
Weight12 lbs (5.5 kg)

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